Our Team

Individuals in our programs will work with some or all of the following health specialists depending on their needs:


  • Based on cardiology assessment and your cardiovascular risk, formulates a care plan while in the program.

Case Manager (Registered Nurse or Cardiac Exercise Specialist):

  • Oversees your care plan and works with you to set health goals
  • With cardiologist, helps to manage cardiovascular risk factors and reports concerns to program medical staff and your physicians
  • Facilitates delivery of exercise program based on your exercise test and current abilities
  • Works with you to develop a discharge plan to community

Fitness Instructor:

  • Leads the exercise classes; directs group activities during warm-up and cool-down
  • Works with case manager to ensure safety and suitability of exercise program

Registered Dietitian:

  • Assesses nutrition history
  • Works with you to set goals to achieve healthy dietary habits
  • Provides guidance and recommendations to meet your dietary needs and medical condition(s)


  • Provides consultation and treatment for those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, anger and emotional distress around adjustments issues related heart disease; provides group therapy

Counsellor (Social Worker):

  • Provides individual, couples and family therapy for those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, social and emotional issues
  • Provides group education and specialty stress management programs

Clinical Secretary:

  • Coordinates our various clinics to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Manage referrals to our various clinics